The First Apple Watch Apps Make Their Debut

While you can’t even pre-order the Apple Watch until early April, that doesn’t mean watch apps haven’t already started to appear in the app store.

That’s right, Apple has begun approving apps for the new watch for the new watch and, as of today, 24 have made the cut.  (HINT: Twitter was approved by the App Store team while Facebook was not!)

These apps, along with any other approved before April 10th, will be the first available to early adopters of the promising new watch.

While it’s an exiting list, it’s important to note that all 24 are updates of existing iOS apps.  Some are there to show off functions — as hotel keys, credit cards, airline boarding passes. Others target narrow interests — cricket, baseball, fantasy football. Some — like WeChat and AliPay — are pitched to the Asian market. Some, like SkyGuide, are probably there because they’re just so cool.

Here they are (in alphabetical order)…

None of these 3rd party apps were featured in Apple’s TV advertisements (perhaps because they weren’t ready in time).  Apple opted for home-grown apps instead.

Andrew Warren

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